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Colored Cement Tiles


product type: integrated type

place of origin: China

payment: by T/T

Packing: wooden pallet

lead time: one month

brand: SANLE

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SANLE fiber cement roofing sheet is produced by introduced advanced technology, equipments, raw materials and designed by ourselves. It is a new generation of light weight roofing material. It is cement fiber product and the raw materials includes high-class 42.5 cement, reinforced fiber PVA, mineral fiber, wooden fiber and ultra tiny silicate powder. Under strict control of materials, SANLE fiber cement roofing tiles are produced by advanced technologies, so SANLE roof tiles are strong and durable and good for building up awning.

Product Features

Sanle colored fiber roof tile is ideal replacement of steel roof tile. It is easy to install, sound-proof, heat-proof, antirust, resistant to acid and alkali and cheap. With the application of BAIER pigment, which is the best in the world, Sanle colored roof tiles are bright, colorful, aging-resistant, dirt-resistant and high in strength. We have improved the shape of waveform and it is beautiful and fashional and got the national patent right. Throughout the country waterproof pad is firstly produced us, and it is very good at water-proof and reliable.

Generally speaking, Sanle colored fiber roof tile is totally water-resistant, fire-resistant, sound-proof, heat-proof, insect-resistant, antirust, durable, easy to drill, engrave and cut, easy to install, simple structure, small size deformation and no noise of raindrops.

Product Specifications

Roofing sheet










Wave number


Wave distance(mm)


Density g/cm3


Net cover area/m2


Adjustable ridge capping






Net coverlength(mm)


Product parameter


Sanle Colored Roof Tile can be used for various buildings, like factory, warehouse, residential area, villa etc. It is beautiful and fashional and easy to install.

Transportation, Cutting & installation

1. When carrying, please handle with care and avoid crashing or throwing.

2. Handling must be done by two people carrying two ends of the tiles, instead of two sides

3. Please make sure they are placed on smooth floor when carried by vehicles. No rubbles or hard objects are allowed under the goods.

4. During transportation, please avoid scratching and pulling, in case of any damage on surface.

5. Please take good care of the surface of the tiles and use cover in rainy days.

6. Use smooth ground for storage and suitable pallets are recommended. Colored tiles should be stored indoor.

7. There should be less than 100 pieces for each stack.

8. When transferring the tiles from floor to roof, 5 to 10 pieces are recommended, and they should be packed by good tapes or steel wires. A crane is recommended to slowly transfer tiles from floor to roof for installation.


SANLE fiber cement roofing sheet is a new, light and reinforced roofing sheet, which is suitable to be used in various roofing structures. To guarantee the waterproof performance and safety during construction and good appearance of roofs, the gradient of roof shall not be less than1/10(or special waterproof treatment for in the joints.). The length of joints shall not be less than 200mm, and the distance between purlines shall not be more than 800mm.

1、<Before installation>Please distinguish the big and small arcs clearly. Put the small arc under the big arc at joints.

2、<Before installation> Choose the direction of the roof sheets according to the local wind direction.

3、<Before fixing>Drilling holes. Drill holes at peaks of the second and forth waves. Don’t drill holes at other positions. Enlarge the holes firstly. It’s better that the diameter of the holes is 2-3mm bigger than the nails, to avoid damages when being used. But it should be subject to actual needs.

4、<Fixing>Fix the roof sheet by special nails. Adjust the tightness so asto avoid leaking due to looseness or damage due totightness.

Notices for construction:

① Please don’t install the roof sheet when it is in heavy rain or strong wind weather as the tile is too big in size

② To assure the safety during construction, please install temporary walkways on the roof first, and make safety facilities and mark below.

③ Builders should wear clean rubber overshoes with soft bottom. To step on the roof sheet without support of purlines is strictly prohibited.

④ Don’t stack heavy or sharp materials on the roof sheets. Don’t use the roof tiles as worktable.

⑤ Please drill the roof sheets by electric drills, and cut electric saw with thin tooth-like part and fill the holes by adhesive. Don’t drill holes by steel nails directly.

⑥ Please wear mask during cutting, to keep you healthy.

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