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Artistic Ceiling Board


product type: integrated type

place of origin: China

payment: by T/T

Packing: wooden pallet

lead time: one month

brand: SANLE

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Sanle calcium silicate ceiling board is based on Sanle calcium silicate board. The raw materials of Sanle calcium silicate board are combined with high-purity quartz powder, high-grade Portland cement, high-purity slaked lime, plant fiber and other mineral substances. After agitating and mixing calcium and silicate at a certain ratio, we make the raw materials into a wet sheet and then with one day’s high temperature high pressure treatment by advanced technology, it becomes Tobermorite, the final product.


sagging resistance :

Different from traditional plaster boards or asbestos boards, Sanle calcium silicate boards are made of cement and quartz powder by chemical action. After full reaction, Sanle calcium silicate ceiling boards is sagging-resistant and durable.

Waterproof and moisture proof:

Sanle calcium silicate ceiling boards are tested by national bureau and all features, including water absorption and wet expansion, have passed the tests. Production procedures are strictly controlled and they have very good Waterproof and moisture proof performance.

Resistant to insects and termite

Under 11 bar of steam curing, the Sanle calcium silicate board is very tough. Its structural property prevents insects and termite living inde the board.

Fire proof:

SANLE calcium silicate ceiling boards are fire-proof building materials. They can be burnt for 20 hours and nothing is damaged. There is no toxic gas giving out and they meet the national GB8624-A1 standards.

Thermal insulation and sound insulation:

Sanle ceiling boards are good at thermal insulation and sound insulation, so it can keep away heat and sound from outside and save energy. They can be used for building with great requirements of thermal insulation and sound insulation.

Environment friendly:

The boards do not contain formaldehyde or any other harmful substance. They do not give out toxic gas or radiation, and it is good for environment.

product specifications

厚度thickness mm

长度length mm

宽度width mm




physical performance

序号 No.


单位 unit

标准指标 standard

检验结果 result








抗折强度Bending strength





螺钉拔出力Screw pullout force


Extreme limit: L=80
Acceptable limit: AL=81.1



导热系数Thermal Conductivity





含水率Moisture content





吸涨率Wet expansion






符合GB8624AGB8624A passed


GB8624A passed


Sanle calcium silicate ceiling boards can be used for the ceiling of office, residential area, super market, plaza, hospital, school and other buildings.


1.Draw lines according construction plan, and install hanging bars.
2. Installation of main keels: Use UC50 or U38 size steels as main keels and the installation distance is 1200mm. Hangers must be installed on main keels and fasten them by screws. If there is any arch design, the arch height should be 1/200 of short span length. If the main keel is not long enough, the jointed point should be set up with a stagger. Besides, it has to install hanger joints on every joint point. Remember to check the leveling frequently. If the vent pipe is bigger than the largest distance between keels, over 30*3 steel angle have to be used as keel frame.
3. T-shape sub keels installation: Around the place of lamps and ventilation outlet it is required to use T-shape reinforced keel.
4 Hidden project inspection & leveling: After finishing setting up the edge keels, check the leveling of the whole system again. Adjust the edge keels at first, and then align the sub keels according to them. If it is necessary you can adjust the main keel.
5. SANLE board installation: Choose appropriate sizes and thickness as per design. The common size is 600*600*6mm.To avoid spots, workers should wear white gloves when installing the boards.
6 Exposed ceiling grid system (keels installed outside): Combine the use of both exposed ceiling grid system and t-shape sub keels installation and put the Sanle boards into the frame formed by sub-keels by inclining 45 degrees. If there is depression bars on roof, the fixation should be done by self-tapping screw or adhesive, after installing surface board, leveling, adjusting gaps and drawing lines.


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