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Exterior Wood Texture Side Board


product type: integrated type

place of origin: China

payment: by T/T

Packing: wooden pallet

lead time: one month

brand: SANLE

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Products Introduction:

Sanle Fiber Cement Siding Board is an artificial fiber cement wood texture board made by Foshan Sanle Building Material Industry Co.,Ltd. Sanle boards are easy to install and is good for bending, resistant to insects, fire-proof and with beautiful wood texture, which makes your house classic and beautiful. Raw materials include high-purity quartz powder, high-grade Portland cement, high-purity slaked lime, plant fiber and other mineral substances. After agitating and mixing calcium and silicate at a certain ratio, we make the raw materials into a wet sheet and then with one day’s high temperature high pressure treatment by advanced technology, it becomes Tobermorite, the final product. From handling the raw materials to processing semi-finished product, every procedure is under strict control to guarantee we supply high quality calcium silicate board.

Types of wood texture:

1.southern pine (texture depth 2.5mm,good stereoscopic effect)
2.northern pine (texture depth 2mm)
3.Ashtree pattern (texture depth 1mm)
4.Oriental fir (texture depth 1.5mm)

Painting difference:

Natural color: without painting, natural color of calcium silicate board
Single color: base paint + surface paint + protective paint
Double color: base paint + surface paint 1 + surface paint 2 + protective paint
Wood texture: base paint + surface paint + wood texture paint + protective paint

Product Features

Sanle exterior wood texture side board is high in strength but light in weight. It is easy to install, resistant to heat, sound, temperature, insects, and it can be sawed and nailed without deformations or cracks. Thus it is suitable for most kind of buildings. It has extraordinary performance in fire proof, so when fire happens, it can prevent fire from expending and provide much time for people to escape. The wood texture is optional, and it is durable and beautiful.

In short, Sanle exterior wood texture side board is good for environment, light in weight and high in strength, resistant to insects, fire-proof, water-proof, low in deformation and easy to install.

Product Specifications:









Product parameter

Deviation in thickness




Bending strength


Modulus of Elasticity 


Moisture content


Wet expansion


Thermal Conductivity


Frost Resistance


Temperature resistance



A GRADE fireproof


Sanle exterior wood texture boards can be used for villa, low-rise building or interior decoration. The shadow part of the boards shows a sense of beauty. Boards can be installed vertically between each other, and are fixed on a smooth keel which is connected to a building.

The boards can be painted with different colors, which meets the need of individuationin .

Transporting Sanle boards

When moving Sanle boards, two people must stand at each side of the panel with a distance of 50 to the edge. Single person carrying the boards is not allowed.


Edges and corners must be protected when carrying the boards. Distance between the supports of pallet must be 50 cm and the stack height should be less than 1 meter. The ground must be smooth and dry. Please keep the place and the goods dry.


installation with keels

Installation Steps

1.Check the walls if the surface is smooth.
2.Find out the base of the walls and draw lines as marks for the installation of keels.
3.Arrange the keels and fix them. Either 50# light weight steel or 3.5*3cm wood log can be used as keels. Fix the keels on the walls in distance of 60cm by nails or anchor bolt. For wood keels the processing of anticorrosion is necessary, and around doors and windows reinforced keels must be added.

4.Install the first board from bottom with a nail or 3.5cm long self-tapping screw and fix it on keels. Note: If using self-tapping screw it is necessary to drill holes in advance with a drill. The head of nails or screws can be sunk into the boards by 0.5 to 1 mm. The heads should have preservative treatment and be covered by putty. Distance between drill holes and long edges must be more than 1.2cm, normally 1.5cm. Distance between drill holes and short edges must be 2cm.

5.Use the same way to install the second board, with one edge of the second board stacking 3.5 cm on edge of the first board. Then in stall other ones with the same way. Attention, if walls are wider than boards, joints of two boards on the same level should be right on top of keels, instead of suspending.

6.Keep the gaps between two Sanle boards about 3-5mm wide. After fixing all boards, use PU adhesive (pu25) or ceramic adhesive to fill the gaps. The connecting of boards and corners should be natural and covered with above-mentioned adhesives. When the last board is installed on the top, remember to cover the joint and gap as well so as to keep water away.

7.Boards should be cut to suit the size and shape of doors and windows. Do not make straight joints and remember to cover gaps and joints so as to prevent water leakage.

8.At corners of two walls, Sanle boards must be treated to make the conjunction smooth and beautiful. There are two ways of doing this. One is to make a 45 degree chamfering of two boards and combine them together. Then seal it with tapes. And the other way is to put one board vertically on the other one then seal the joint with tapes.

9.When the installation is finished, use brushes or towels to clean dust on the boards before painting. It is better to use acrylic paint and the painting can be three times (one base paint and two times of surface paint).

Direct installation on walls

1、Make the walls even and smooth.

2、Draw horizontal lines and arrange boards.

3、Draw lines of all boards and then install them.

4、Before installation, put a board on a wall and check if the size and corner are suitable, and cut it if necessary (in 45 degree chamfering so as to combine them easily).

5、When comes to installation, first use strip nails to fix them, and then use anchor bolt to fasten them.

6、Clean and polish nails and screws that may cause scratches.


During installation of Sanle exterior wood texture boards, please pay attention to the followings:

1. The width of boards is about 20cm. When drawing lines, please keep 17-18 cm distance between two boards and that would make the interval look nice. You may use ink or lines to mark the distance.

2. After drawing lines for all boards, check again if the size, wood texture pattern and quantity of the boards are suitable. The length of boards is 3 meters, so getting a general idea of the whole project can save materials during installation.

3. When fixing the boards, first use strip nails and then anchor bolts. Holes must be drilled in advance for anchor bolts. If there is any part not being nailed when the installation is finished, it is because of the smoothness of walls. Use strip nails to fix it.

4. Use small writing brush and roller for painting.

5. If there is any pollution on walls, it is better clean it up before installing boards.

maintenance of Sanle Fiber Cement Siding Board

  Different from other boards, Sanle wood texture side board is easy to maintain and the cost is very low. If there is any damage on the boards, just cut the part off and replace it with same size Sanle board. There is no need of large quantity replacement.

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